About Us

Value Creation and Self Improvement
We make our customers and the community of employees happy.

Power to cater to people's need and end up in a sweater chosen by customers.
Effort, wisdom and ingenuity to make the day-to-day production more efficient and sophisticated.
And what is most important is that the attitude which keeps challenging the everyday progression.
Contribution to the development of the locality through making our customers happy and realizing the pleasure of each employee.

Knitting process

It is a strong point of FUKUEI that integrated production
can be carried out altogether at its company. It is not taking out to a subcontract at all.
This regime has become rare in Japan today.

From accepting order to planning.

After accepting order, set up a production plan to purchase the raw materials after assessing the amount of yarn needed. Make a pattern and knitting data using the CAD.


Input the data of the knitted fabric to the machine and weave it.

Verifying a suitable material, cut it and commence the sewing.

Get the texture in the knitted fabric, fix the cloth properly and cut it. Thereafter stitch the parts together as one product piece.


Place the product in a mold suitable for its size, steam, and fix the form.

Inspection and Shipment

Inspect the products one by one, label them and proceed with the shipment.



Company Profile

Origin of the company name FUKUEI means "The company which seeks for happiness through long-lasting prosperity"
"FUKU" means Happiness. "EI" means eternity and prosperity. The "I" in the end stands for the time flow from past till toady which means forever.


Concept of Company Logo

"Green" symbolizes the youth with a sense of flexibility. While the "thread" and "loop" indicate the knit industry as well as the ideal of the organization to make its each employee happy, "Four-leaf clover" stands as a symbol of happiness. The design manifests the concept of achieving happiness through combined efforts of everyone.

Company Information

Company name FUKUEI CO.,LTD
Office 3-3 SHINEICYO KAMOSHI NIIGATA, Japan  View Larger Map
Start up March 1955
Established April 1971
Capital One hundred million yen
Representative director Kiyoharu Minematsu
Employee 50
Business Activities Production of outer garment knit sweaters, cardigans, jackets, skirts, etc.